FOCUS Compostela: Visitas 

histórico-fotográficas (o al revés)

FOCUS Compostela is a project that arises to highlight the importance of the increasing interest in discovering the identities of the visited places, the love for the image and the propoerty of audiovoisual equipment nowadays. We offer guided tours combining the creation of still and moving image disciplines for all ages, having the lovely city of Santiago de Compostela as a setting for our creations. The activities combine cultural spreading and the use of technology, this means, history and image creation (or on reverse). With these audiovisual witnesses, our aim is to continue creating images of Santiago and to propose parallel activities, such as masterclass, workshops, exhibitions and much more. This is our aim: Focus Compostela!

No knowledge in the techniques of photography are needed in order to join these tours, or to have the latest model of camera. You can use your cell phone or tablet without any problem. There are suggestions in certain services, but they are optional. The devices and equipment you have is perfectly fine!

To anyone interested in in taking wonderfull images of Santiago with the possibility of asking a professional in photography. Also, any visitor who wants to know the historical context of what they see, because that way the pictures taken will count with a more profound and authentic sense.

Any device able to capture images: reflex camera, mirrorless camera, smartphone or tablet, analog gear or even pinhole… all of them are perfect, because what it is important is your gaze!

COVID-19 notice:

Due to the current circumstances, the guided tours and activities have been slightly modified. We announce that we have processed a certificate regarding health security against COVID-19 regarding the activities related to tourism. This acreditation is provided by the local authority, Xunta de Galicia thanks to the proposal of the Galician Tourist Guides Association.

This means that we assure the adoption of all health recommendations in order to make our fotographic activity a secure experience.