Photowalk Lights of Compostela

25,00 IVA incl.

Language: English

By the time when the sun is setting, It is the best moment to capture the lights that slowly lay on the granitic slabs of this city. In this tour, we will capture wonderful images of the historic district during the blue hour and the beginning of the night. With the calm needed in this kind of tour, we will be hearing misterious anecdotes of the most influent characters of the city and certain rumours that traveled through many centuries… what would be waiting behind the shadows of Compostela?

  • Knowledge in photographic technique is not necessary.
  • This is an all-age activity (kids under 12 will be accompanied).

Schedule: 21h a 22h 30 (aprox)
Trail difficulty: Easy
Photographic equipment: Any device + Tripod or monopode ideally
Prize: 25 euros
From 12 to 17 years old: 5 euros
Kids under 12: Free
Discounts for groups


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In this tour we will depict the ancient district of the city during the very last rays of the sun until the tungsteng lights control the scene. We propose to take pictures of our squares and rúas (ancient streets) while we get to know traditions, rumours and stories of the old Compostela. A very uncommon path through very special light conditions.


Although the tour goes in an unhurried rythm, we will be reaching certain distances, so any confortable footware is welcome. Besides, we have an unpredictable wheather, so you would better not skimp on jackets, specially if you are cold-natured.

This visit consists on practicing long exposure photography mainly. The only thing we consider as ideal materials to be bringing to the tour, is a tripod or monopode to achive sharper images in low-light conditions. Regarding the camera, remember that the equipment at your service is perfectly fine. This photowalks are all about making the most of our gear!

Ideally we will try to bring the lightest photographic gear possible, including smartphones or tablets as great gadgets to take our pictures of the city. If you decide to bring your reflex camera or mirrorless, It is interesting to use a wide-angle lens for this tour, speacially to capture the heights and environment of the spots. However, it is not strictly required to follow our recommedation of course, because the equipment you have and choose fo the tour will be perfectly fine!

And what if It rains?

Didn’t you know? In Santiago It can always rain! It is a great idea bringing a raincoat and something to protect your equipment from the possible inclemencies of the weather. Each visitor is fully responsible for the integrity of their own gear during the visit. In the case of weak and intermittent rain, the visit may not be cancelled, so please, before not showing up we appreciate you let us know.


Schedule: 21h a 22h 30 (aprox)
Trail difficulty: Easy
Photographic equipment: Any device (+ Tripod or monopode ideally)
Meeting point: Praza de Cervantes