Photowalk in Santiago de Compostela

35,00 IVA incl.

Language: English

Without any doubt, the leading figure of the Apostle and the pilgrimage to Santiago are both the engines for the development of the ancient Compostela. However, there are some other reasons that shared this great economic and social thrust in the ciy. The historical passages will help understand the image of the contemporary city in comparison to its past, its structure and the modifications that the roads or the urban and natural sceneries underwent through time. With these information as a context, you will get the greatest souvenir of the city of Compostela… the pictures taken by you!

  • Knowledge in photographic technique is not necessary.
  • This is an all-age activity (kids under 12 will be accompanied).

Schedule: 09h30 a 11h30 (including brake)
Trail difficulty: Medium
Photographic equipment: Not Specified
Price: 35 euros
From 12 to 17 years old: 10 euros
Kids under 12: Free
Discounts for groups


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In this tour we will cross the most important squares in the city, walk through its famous rúas and stroll along of the gorgeous parks around the center of the town. We will trespass a little bit the historical speech as well, following the witnesses of the ancient Compostela and the situations arising in our way, bacause in Santiago anything could happen!


We will be traversing parks, crossing through passages and arches, going up and downstairs… this is the reason why we recommend the use of confortable footware, the nicest to spend around 2 hours walking. But don’t panic..! There is a break.

Ideally we will try to bring the lightest photographic gear possible, including smartphones or tablets as great gadgets to take our pictures of the city. If you decide to bring your reflex camera or mirrorless, It is interesting to use a versetile lens instead of carrying all of your gear with you. We will be putting into practice many types of photography along our way, so that is why we need certain agylity in order to bridge over the sceneries we may find. However, it is not strictly required to follow our recommedation of course, because the equipment you have and choose fo the tour will be perfectly fine!

And what if It rains?

Didn’t you know? In Santiago It can always rain! It is a great idea bringing a raincoat and something to protect your equipment from the possible inclemencies of the weather. Each visitor is fully responsible for the integrity of their own gear during the visit. In the case of weak and intermittent rain, the visit may not be cancelled, so please, before not showing up we appreciate you let us know.


Schedule: 09h30 a 11h30 (including brake)
Trail difficulty: Medium
Photographic equipment: Not Specified
Meeting point: Praza do Obradoiro (Entrace of Pazo de San Xerome)